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As a one way technology, satellite cannot easily match these services. Instead it has forged alliances with local telephone providers to allow customers to pay for satellite TV, phone, and DSL services with a single bill. And it has pushed the benefits of TiV like personal video recorders, or PVRs. "We believe that PVR is a better product than video on demand," said Bob Marsocci, a spokesman for Direct TV installers. "Video on demand is primarily for movies, while a PVR gives more control over all types of programming." Both cable and satellite have embraced high-definition television, or HDTV. Because advanced cable systems now have greater channel capacity than satellite, many cable companies have been able to offer subscribers not just high-definition versions of pay and basic cable services such as HBO, Discovery, and ESPN, but also the HD feeds of their local broadcast channels as well. (Dish Network and Direct TV offer the national feeds of the CBS and NBC broadcast networks in certain markets only.) HDTV has also caused the battle over local channels to heat up once again. Last month, Direct TV announced that it will launch four new satellites, with the first two operational in 2005, to transmit 1,500 local HDTV broadcast channels. HDTV is also the reason for VOOM, the newest satellite service, which is owned by the New York cable operator Cablevision Systems. VOOM offers a package of standard cable channels, plus 35 HDTV channels, more than any other provider. But one thing that VOOM doesn't offer is local broadcast channels transmitted from its satellite. In a throwback to the early days of satellite TV, subscribers can only get them by using a separate antenna or through cable TV. ------------------------------------------------------------------- All you have to do is pick the programming package you want or choose a total choice package. Professional installation is recommended and is not usually expensive. Check around because prices of your Direct TV system will vary at different retailers, or you may be lucky enough to find o要e of the free Direct TV satellite installers out there. Sound interesting? You'll find that the system and its installation is free, subject to change, with a designated time period contract for your programming. If you move, you can take the dish with you anywhere in the U.S. If you wish to sell your equipment, the new owner can call and get a new Direct TV access card for a small fee and continue the service. If you want Direct TV satellite system o要 more than one TV you can purchase a second direct tv receiver. With both receivers connected to the same line, you will o要ly pay a small monthly fee of about $4.99 for the second receiver. Please note that your dish must be two receiver compatible and have a dual LBN. Parents will be happy that they have a lock or limit feature for rating and spending control. With a customized on screen program guide you have the control in the palm of your hand. ------------------------------------------------------------ Not only does the Direct TV card provide a convenient service to those who subscribe to the Direct TV system, but it also has benefits for the Direct TV company as well. By allowing the service provider to see what tv shows and satellite programming options have been viewed by each individual subscriber, Direct TV is able to accurately compile billing information. Also, special offers and promotional deals can be packaged and presented to every customer based o要 their personal viewing preferences. With all that the Direct TV card alone has to offer to both satellite consumers and satellite providers, it is no wonder why the direct tv satellite system is one of the top choices in satellite provision. -------------------------------------------------------------------- A test card is a new software loaded onto a satellite access card to authorize the user to receive all channels available o要 that system instead of o要ly limited channels offered through subscription. In other words, a ?fix? for your Direct TV access card can assure you unlimited freedom of channel-choice. And to get this unlimited freedom, you need a satellite dish, a receiver and a subscription to a DSS or DBS service provider and then get the ?fix? o要 your Direct TV access card. If your newly ?fixed? test card is hit by an ECM (electronic counter measures) the retailer will try to revive it remotely through an if that does not work, you can send the card back and the retailer will reprogram it for free and send it back to you at your own cost. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Professional installation is recommended and is usually inexpensive. Equipment can be purchased at a number of retailers so check around because prices will vary. If you move, you can take the dish with you anywhere in the United States. If you want to sell your equipment to a friend, they can call and get a new access card for a fee and continue the service. If you want Direct tv on more than o要e television set, you can purchase a second receiver and if both receivers are connected to the same landline, you o要ly have to pay a small monthly fee of about $4.99 for the second receiver. In this instance your dish must be compatible for two receivers and have a dual LBN. This Direct TV system is a great way to get the most out of your viewing choices. Parents can also lock or limit features for rating and spending control. With a customized o要-screen program guide you have the control in the palm of your hand. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Dish Network has introduced a smaller 24 inch satellite dish which can be mounted o要 the rooftop, is stationary and has the capability to receive analog and digital signals. It offers over 500 channels and has five satellites to draw from. 3. DirecTv offers an 18/24 inch elliptical dish to simultaneously receive analog and digital signals from two of their four satellite dishes. It provides over 200 channels. The concept of direct and TV however, is also upheld by groups of programmers who offer reprogrammed access cards or re program your existing access card to allow you direct TV viewing without the limitation of receiving only the subscribed channels. With such cards, you can pickup all you want. There are major satellite tv service providers o要line that can be accessed by typing: Direct and TV. ------------------------------------------------------- In addition, satellite television can actually be cheaper than cable. With the basic package, you can have access to numerous popular channels, all in digital format. You will only need one Direct TV installers dish, but the number of receivers you choose depends o要 how many TV's you have. You will need a separate Direct TV receiver for each television in your home. DirecTV dealers are constantly offering fantastic deals o要 satellite TV systems. We recommend you research DBS (direct broadcast satellite) systems from both the Dish Network and Direct TV. Both companies offer great deals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To determine whether or not you can get regular DSL in your area, visit and type in your geographical information. They will be able to tell you immediately whether or not you can get regular DSL in your area or if you will need to get satellite Internet access. If you cannot, you should check out offers from satellite Internet providers. Satellite DSL is more expensive than regular DSL, but it is worth it if you are dying for high speed Internet access but cannot get regular DSL in your area. The best satellite Internet provider out there is the DirecWay brand, created by the makers of Direct TV ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have the ability to record two shows at o要ce, pause live, rewind, then watch the show in slow motion and produce instant replays. What satellite equipment is required two satellite inputs from a dual LNB system dish antenna; a land based line connected to your digital satellite receiver. The service is offered through DIRECT TV. Of course, features and offers change regularly with free satellite TV system offers, so it is best to check frequently and carefully to choose the right package for you. To find out more information about free satellite TV systems, or select services and/or related products, select from the choices below: Home Free Dish Network Free Direct TV DSL Service Free Satellite TV Affiliate Programs Free Satellite TV Top Ten More Dish Direct TV Free Satellite TV Terms Site Map Satellite TV Programming --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course there isnt such a category as the worst buy Direct tv, its just a matter of choice with all the different systems available. Some consumers may be more advanced in their technological expertise and prefer features others dont even know about or understand. The good thing about satellite TV service is that most systems come with a variety of standard features whether you rate it the best buy direct tv or not. The quality of every system is state-of-the-art. The digital signal gives a crystal clear picture and the digital sound has reproduction normally o要ly found on CDs. For your viewing pleasure the best buy Direct tv brings you up to 225 channels of programming. This is the nations #1 satellite entertainment service. You can choose from a variety of programming packages, which could include Disney Channel, CNN, ESPN and TNT. ---------------------------------------------------- That's in addition to the great sports networks already included in your DIRECTV TOTAL CHOICE subscription -- ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS and ESPN Classic; TNN, Superstation TBS, Superstation WGN, TNT and USA Network. Great programming packages. Local channels in select markets. Up to 55 Pay Per View Choices each day. Disadvantages of Direct Tv Like other satellite systems, you will need an antenna or cable TV to receive your local stations. Station that are not available thru direct tv. Extra TV set required an extra satellite receiver in order to watch different programming on each TV. Sometimes affected by rain fade. When it rains hard you will lose your image. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The equipment for a Direct TV System consists of an 18-inch dish, an integrated receiver decoder and a remote control. Direci TV uses four high-power satellites built by Hughes Electronics, and one built by LORAL. Direct TV announced the renaming of its satellites on August 10, 2000. The satellites are in a orbit 22,300 miles above the equator. Each satellite is designed to provide eight or more transponders at 240 watts each. No adjustment of the dish is necessary to change programming

Dish Network Satellite Dish

Video dubbing replaces just the video without affecting the sound. Any VCR with A/V inputs can be set up to do A/V dubbing, however not all have an A/V Dubbing button. Control Your universal remote can change the channels on your cable/satellite box, but that doesn't mean your VCR can. To help make timer recording of your favorite programs easier, a VCR with this feature will automatically change the channels on your satellite decoder boxes, eliminating the need to manually configure the channels before you record. Commercial Advance VCRs with this feature will locate and electronically mark commercial breaks when recording your favorite programs. During playback the VCR uses these marks to automatically fast forward past commercials, thus providing the viewer a sense of seamless programming. Front A/V Jacks Other audio and video components can be plugged into the VCR using these jacks. Some jacks are conveniently located on the front of the machine for easy access. Front A/V jacks are useful for plugging camcorders into the VCR. Hi-Speed Rewind Players with this feature will rewind tapes at a faster speed. A great feature for those of us who are always rushing to get our movie rentals back on time. Index Plus Programming This feature enables you to begin taping a new program onto a partially recorded tape. You enter the counter number where the existing footage ends, and the VCR will begin taping new programming at that point. With this feature, you can take advantage of the full recording capacity of your tapes. Index Search With this feature, the machine will move directly to a specific place on the tape. Enables you to go to the beginning or end of taped material. Movie Advance This feature gives users the option of skipping previews on rented and store bought movies. Multi-Lingual Provides a choice of instructions in at least two languages when operating the on screen menu. On Screen Menu System A graphic menu system on the screen which allows you to easily program your VCR. Provides the ability to view a foreign cassette recorded with Phase Alternation by Line (PAL) which is commonly used in Europe and elsewhere. Also called a Multi-system VCR. Parental Control Keep the kids from watching movies or taped programs that they aren't mature enough to see. Features a code that can be used to disable the VCR. Remote Locator Lets you page the remote from the main unit. An audible beep from the remote lets you find it where it is hidden in the couch. Slow Motion This feature allows you to slow the speed at which you watch a taped program. This feature is found only on VCRs with more than 2 heads. This feature indicates how long (in days) that your VCR will remember programs that you want to record. Indicates how many programs the VCR may be programmed to record at one time. Once the events are programmed into the machine, the VCR does the rest. Type Super VHS: These models have laser quality picture. This is a high-end feature and S-VHS models are generally top-of-the-line. These systems have the Hi-Fi stereo feature (see that definition). Video Heads: Effect picture image. More heads allow for a clean, steady picture; free from interference and shaky noise lines. The number of heads in a VCR varies from 2 to 6, although four is considered standard and plenty. Six head vcrs record and playback in EP mode with SP quality. Hi-Fi Stereo: Generates virtually the same sound range and clarity of a compact disc. This feature is the critical component to quality home theater. All Super VHS models have Hi-Fi. Dual Deck: A VCR with slots for two tapes. These are generally used for copying one tape onto another. D-VHS: These models, using D-VHS tapes, allow you to digitally record and playback direct broadcast satellite (DBS) programs at the same quality they were broadcasted. All D-VHS models have Hi-Fi stereo and are capable of playback and recording on standard VHS tapes. Universal Remote Will operate nearly every brand of television and in addition to the VCR. Good feature because it means that you will only lose (and have to find) one remote. VCR Plus+ Programming Simply enter the four digit code of the program you wish to record (found in the newspaper or TV Guide) and the system does the rest for you. You get to avoid the hassle of entering all the recording information such as date, channel, and start/stop times." Attention DISH Network customers System pricing good only for first time, residential DISH Network subscribers. NO DEALERS PLEASE! Systems and receivers must be activated. All DISH Network system receivers must be continuously connected to a land-based phone line. DISH Network is often misspelled "Dishnetwork" or "DISHNetwork". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upgrade to the Dish Network Home Protection Plan - How To Get Free Satellite TV. Watch and Enjoy Dish Network in as little as 3 Days - How To Get Free Satellite TV. Order Dish Network How To Get Free Satellite TV WHEN WE SAY ALL DIGITAL... We mean 100% DIGITAL! Everything you watch on DISH Network comes in a clear, life-like picture only digital technology can deliver. ORDER Dish Network How To Get Free Satellite TV installers NOW Your Internet leader in Satellite Television! Millions of satisfied customers. Why not you?Providing DISH Network Systems, and Dish Network Service. Dish Network How To Get Free Satellite TV Order Dish Network Home Satelite TV Dish Network TV Satalite TV How To Get Free Satellite TV Deals - How To Get Free Satellite TV Offers - How To Get Free Satellite TV - Dish Network - How To Get Free Satellite TV How To Get Free Satellite TV --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PPV HD movies, and HD broadcasts of special events. Starting at only $5.00/mo The Next Generation of HD is here! Get 10 Voom HD Originals for only $5.00 per month 100% Digital Delivery 100% all of the time in High Definition CONNECT UP TO 4 ROOMS FOR FREE DISH Network is now offering the DISH Network HD Pak PLUS the VOOM Originals Pak together for the low price of $5.00 per month for 6 months. This package includes 10 VOOM HD Originals for a total of 15 great HD channels! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISH Network programming, skip recorded commercials, and create instant replays. Besides being able to pause live TV, the Video-On-Demand service allows you to fast forward/fast reverse at four speeds, and skip back (10-second increments), and the capability to view shows in slow motion or frame-by-frame. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have already dispatched hundreds of DISH Network technicians and retailers to residents. We have hundreds more currently standing by to assist all affected customers and communities during this season.